Vide Noir: The Project takes a step beyond the sound waves and explores the world of Vide Noir, Lord Huron's 2018 album. Lord Huron's Ben Schneider is an imaginative multi-media artist, and goes far beyond just the music to tell the tale of Lord Huron's tracks, and Vide Noir is no exception. Schneider, who is a critical inspiration to my work, explains Vide Noir as an odyssey through 1960s Los Angeles. The goal of my project is to enhance my own personal experience (and hopefully yours too) of Vide Noir by adding images that put faces to the characters and add a 1960s cinematic twist that makes me feel like I'm sucked right into the heart of where this story lies. My images feature captions of lyrics from tracks on Vide Noir, and aims to make one feel like they're experiencing image stills from a fim.
Vide Noir is a journey through time and space, a story of searching for love, and finding our place in life. 
Enjoy the journey, and let your mind wander.

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